Monday, October 29, 2012

Bud & Kathy's Wedding, Part One: The Ceremony

Programs in case you didn't know us.

Rock & Bill join Bud to the circle.

Heather & Maria walk in front of guests in procession.

Lauren (ring-bearer) Lindsay (flower girl)
Maria (bridesmaid) in procession
Heather's walk of doom.

Pam (maid of honor)

Kathy in procession

Last chance to run!
Watching his bride arrive at the circle.

Kathy arrives

In wedding circle.

The minister shows off her talent.

Very ready.

The minister ties the knot.

The ribbons that symbolize something begin with Heather
Maria next to ribbon.
Rock wraps.

Bill gets in the act.
Pam ribbons as well.

The minister explains stuff about the magic broom.

Getting ready to jump the holy broom.

We jump. Don't try this at home.

Now Mr & Mrs. Bud Fisher

On the way back.

It was a long way back.

Ready for receiving our guests.

Mark greets us.

Saying hello to our guests.

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