Saturday, March 26, 2011

UConn Gets to the Final Four Because We Cheered Loudly

On the morning of the Elite Eight game, Mark called me. We were watching the game at Dad's. We were getting the band back together. It worked. UConn's off to Houston.

5-28-11 Editor's note: The UConn never lost a game after the regular season. Five nights in a row to win the Big East. Never been done before. I mean a team winning five games in five nights. Ever. 

They won the next six, winning the Men's National Championship. For the third time. Calhoun at 68 is the oldest coach to win it. Calhoun gave us one hell of a run.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We Went Out to Flemings

It was a Tuesday night. My mother, Kathy and I went out to Fleming's in West Hartford's Blue Back Square. Possibly we went because Mom had a gift certificate. While it served great steaks, it was both noisy and every other thing but the company, sucked.

The waitress took this. She never responded to anything without saying "perfect". Had we had a gulp of Ketel each time she said it (think 24), we would still be there. It was anything but perfect. I drank for only the second time since the hospital, so I took it slow.

This is the first good picture of us since the Vietnam era. I think my hair was longer, then. Anyway, we had a good time. There should be a punchline here. Make up your own. Perfect!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Visiting Dallas

We spent some time walking around Downtown Dallas. And some time running.
And dancing.
My beautiful girlies.
We danced with sculptures.
And tried to help a nice old bronze couple across the street.
We tugged and tugged.
Finally, we decided to take this young lady's hand.

Lindsay, navigates the maze.
We brought Daddy along with us to the Dallas World Aquarium. He loves aquariums. This was kind of a fun marriage of aquarium and zoo, starting from the tippy top with birds, and working all the way down to the bottom of the ocean.
Lindsay says hi to the sea turtle.
Lindsay feeds a toucan.

More from Dallas

Posing by the rose bush - the still shot.

Posing by the rose bush - the windy shot.
The girls go swimming. Seriously I was the sort of kid that would swim all day every day, but it was maaaaybe 65 degrees and the water was freaking freezing.

There was a fitness room inside. My girls didn't bring out this balance ball, but they sure had fun throwing it in the pool.

These were fire pits at night. They're probably laden with toxic chemicals.

Lindsay is cold.
Searching for treasure?

We happened on the Meyerson while they were having an organ recital, and learned about the giant pipe organ that they have there.
Lindsay got a better shot than I did.
And a pretty good one of Lauren and I watching the concert.

Self portrait.
Okay. Time to put the camera away. Someone wake Lauren up.
She played for a LONG time.
Lindsay took a neat shot of the canape.
Nice chairs. No one was sitting near us, thankfully.
Hanging in the hotel room. Alec is either working on his laptop or watching iCarly with Lindsay.
Lauren, watching iCarly.