Friday, June 29, 2012

The Family Back at the Old Ball Game

Mom & daughter doing ice cream. Yum! 6/24/12
Lauren, Alec & Lindsay
Not at the game, okay. But this is one adorable puppy. 6/18/12

LAST day of kindergarten for Lindsay 6/19/12
School's Out!!

Alec asks Lauren for a rule clarifistion.

The Happy Couple 6/18. Paul's birthday!

 Every Picture Tells a Story!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

ZOEY Turns 1 !!!

Zoey turned 1 year old last weekend and there was a pool party to celebrate!

3 Generations!

Zoey reaches for the candle as Ben blows it out just in time!


Zoey checking out the guests from a low angle

Grampie Fisher and Zoey fresh off her other granddad teaching her soccer. Now, she is explaining the soccer game to Bud (and pointing out the two teams). Go UConn!

Grand Uncle Mark with Zoey

"Happy Birthday to youuuu..."

Maria and Zoey play in the pool

In the kitchen just before cake time

Enjoying Greek meatballs and juice

Sun tired with Ben

Really digging that stroller toy

Cute from the back too!

Enjoying her first birthday cake