Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Maple Syrup Season & No, I Didn't Know Either

I was speechless, too.
Always up for adventure, we decided to celebrate the beginning of Maple Season (or is it the end?) according to Kathy. So we hit Ioka Farm in the Berkshires. They only serve their infamous pancake breakfast for these six weeks.
This lady explained how maple syrup saved the planet.
The world would end if we didn't get a table shot.
I'm next to a machine that helps make the crap.
Kathy near another important machine.
If you guessed Kathy, the Snow Man & Col Mustard, you won!
Their maple syrup vs. the world. It's better. It costs more than the rest put together.
We stopped at a chocolate candy maker, too. I know. This shocks you. The shoppe had a piano player which was rather neat. I told her about Bernie while she played. She wants his baby now. Hope the new ride for Heath is great. Thanks Ben for stopping in at St Fran. James, you sign that contract? Jules, I miss you. Peace and I love you...

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Birthday in the Hospital!

Kathy enjoyed her birthday celebration at St Francis Hospital in Hartford, where Bud is staying a few days.


Here a cheerful Bud endures hospital life.


Kathy blows out an imaginary candle on her birthday cupcake!

She opens her special gift from Bud...

A brand new Wii System! Now they both can enjoy a little movement! A terrific birthday for Kathy!

Have a speedy recovery Bud!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011