Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring concert

I can't remember how many times I wore white blouses and black skirts. Lauren in her first set before her spring concert at school. Lauren is in the third grade chorus.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Visiting Boston

We went to Boston over the weekend. It was a great couple of days.
The tulips were in full bloom in the public garden.
And the girls were in full Mother's Day cuteness.
At the playground near the frog pond, there was a sprinkler. It was way too cold to go in the sprinkler, but girlies did anyway, and were soaked. An extra pair of sneakers and hoodies were not among the things I packed for this trip. Thankfully, everything dried out nicely overnight.
By the frog pond in the commons.
This was an empty fountain in the public garden that the little kids were running in.
Lindsay loves a good carousel. I don't remember that there used to be one in the park, but hey, it was fun and $3 a ride!
Girlies outside the New England Aquarium, after having navigated the T.
Riding on an Old Town Trolley.
This was my favorite part. I love these little cheesy tours around cities. The girls have their stingray stuffies, which I surprised them with - they were too busy watching the stingrays to see I'd bought them from the museum store.
We rode on the swan boats, because, what trip to Boston is complete without a ride on them?
This was the girls' favorite part of the trip. We spent 2 hours petting the animals in this tank. Approaching is a sting ray. There were also sharks in the tank.
The girls playing with a pulley attached to a bowling ball that propelled a tennis ball about 30 feet into the air. It was Lindsay's favorite exhibit at the Children's Museum.