Monday, October 29, 2012

Bud & Kathy's Wedding, Part Four: Poses and Reception

Gary & Bud

Rock & Bud

The Wedding Party

Kathy's Bar

The Dialtone Disco Dome

Kathy needs a strong one.

Carol signs the picture.

Gary gets grub.

The tent part of the reception hall.

Bill, best man toasts.

Gary toasts.

Rock toasts.


The bride has her say...

Amy & fiance

Lindsay, Arianna & Lauren

Bob & Vicky

Kathy's work friends

Johnas, candace & Sarah

Sarah & James

Joleen & Rene
Courtenay & Diane

The Dancefloor

Kathy & Nancy

Biernes sings

Lauren & Arianna

Susan & Joe

Diane pole dancing.

Kathy, Cos, Dot & Bill

Ray and Lindsay

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