Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amy and Mike's Wedding, August 7, 2010

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Amy and Michael exchange vows.
The toast.
Amy and Michael.Amy and Mike in receiving line.
The receiving line.
Amy and Mike.
The PINK limo.Caroline, Pat and Mallory.
Pat, Amy and Bierne walking down the aisle.
Pat, Amy and Bierne walking down the aisle.The Wedding Party.Mr. and Mrs. exit.Amy and Michael.Mike and his mom's dance.
The receiving line.
The Groom's cake.
Giving away the bride.
The garter.
Amy and Mike's first kiss. Married, that is.
Amy and Mike's first dance.

Mike and Amy's first dance.Mike and Amy cutting the cake.The wedding cake.
Bridesmaids.Bridesmaids.Amy with flower girls.
Amy and Michael.Bierne sings Wonderful World.
Bierne sings.The father of the bride, Bierne.
Bierne and Joe Greico.
Bierne, Amy and Pat.
Amy and Michael.Amy and Bierne dancing.
Amy and Bierne dancing.
Amy watching Bud and Diane dancing.
Amy and Bud dancing.
Amy and Bud dancing.Amy and Michael.
Kathy and Ben.
Mark and Caroline dancing.
Mark and Bud.
Mark, Bierne, Diane and Bud.
Caroline, Mark, Kathy and Mallory at reception.
Maria watching dance floor with Amy dancing.
Maria and Ben at church.
Lindsay, Maria and Lauren.
Maria, Ben and Lauren at reception.Lindsay and Lauren at reception.
Lindsay at church.
Ben, Lindsay and Lauren
Ben, Lindsay and Lauren.
The Stolls: Lindsay, Alec, Lauren and Heather.
Lauren and Maria at reception.
Heather and Lauren at church.
Heather and Diane at reception.
Heather, Bud and part of Lindsay.
Random old fart, Heather and Alec. Alec was very serious.
Heather and Alec.
Heather and Alec.Maria, Ben, Lauren, Lindsay, Heather and Bud boogie.
Maria, Ben, Lindsay, Lauren, Bud and Heather dancing.
Maria, Lauren, Bud and Heather dancing.Maria, Ben, Caroline, Lindsay, Heather and Alec dancing.
Maria, Ben, Caroline, Lindsay, Heather and Alec dancing.
Diane, Ben, Caroline and Mark at church.
Diane and Lindsay at reception.
Diane, Heather, Alec and Maria at reception.
Lauren (almost) Diane and Bierne at reception.
Diane and Ben at reception.
Jules and Bud chatting at church.
Bud and Lauren at reception.
Bud and Jules at church.
Bud, Lindsay and Alec
Dancing Bud, Maria, Diane and Lindsay

Bierne and Mark at reception.
Bierne, Diane and Mark at reception.
Bierne and Bud at reception.
Ben at reception.
Amy, Mike and Diane in receiving line.
Alec and Lauren at church
Alec, Lauren and Jules at Church

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